ICP4Life Customizer

The ICP4Life Customizer is responsible for assisting customers into configuring their products and provide additional services. Additionally, the Customizer will generate web-based applications for handling the data from the Products, extract the necessary information and provide the necessary services both to the customer and the OEM. This component is designed to be a web-based application, enforcing different access rights, privilege and supported features based on the type of the logged-in user. The customization consists of product customization, product-service customization, and service customization. The Customizer will also support engineers in providing new services through the same or additional components (Meta Products) connected to the main product.


The ICP4Life Customizer platform is designed under a general structure, covering the needs of ICP4Life end-users. All captured data from the Customizer are converted in blueprints templates, which are production knowledge-intensive structures (production blueprints) capturing production knowledge and promote knowledge exchange with partners to achieve maximum level of visibility of operations over the entire manufacturing/production chain. The captured data will then be communicated to the Designer and Planner in the format established by the ICP4LIFE Common Data Model.