Del. No. Deliverable NameWP No.Delivery Date (Month)
1.1Requirements definition methodology and semantic wiki model13
1.2Requirements for the ICP4Life Designer components19
1.3Requirements for the ICP4Life Planner components19
1.4Requirements for the ICP4Life Customizer components19
1.5Existing Product-Services 19
1.6State of the Art on product-services development19
2.1ICP4Life Designer architecture218
2.2ICP4Life Designer first prototypes224
2.3ICP4Life Designer integrated prototypes230
2.4ICP4Life Designer final prototype248
3.1ICP4Life Customizer architecture318
3.2ICP4Life Customizer first prototype324
3.3ICP4Life Customizer integrated prototype330
3.4ICP4Life Customizer final prototype348
4.1ICP4Life Planner architecture418
4.2ICP4Life Planner first prototype424
4.3ICP4Life Planner integrated prototype430
4.4ICP4Life Planner final prototype448
5.1ICP4Life Services infrastructure515
5.2ICP4Life Services architectures and first prototypes524
5.3ICP4Life Services prototypes536
5.4ICP4Life Services final prototypes548
6.1ICP4Life Integration plan624
6.2ICP4Life Integration – first version630
6.3ICP4Life Integration – second version639
7.1Equipment manufacturer use case718
7.2Equipment manufacturer pilot case727
7.3Equipment manufacturer use case validation – first version736
7.4Equipment manufacturer use case validation – second version748
8.1Energy supplier use case818
8.2Energy supplier pilot case827
8.3Energy supplier use case validation – first version836
8.4Energy supplier use case – second version848
9.1Dissemination activities plan912
9.2Exploitation activities plan912
9.3Dissemination report / first version924
9.4Exploitation report / first version924
9.5Dissemination report / second version936
9.6Exploitation report / second version936
9.7Dissemination report / third version948
9.8Exploitation report / third version948
10.1Yearly project activity and financial report-first year1012
10.2Yearly project activity and financial report -second year1024
10.3Yearly project activity and financial report -third year1036
10.4Yearly project activity and financial report -fourth year1048
10.5ICP4Life Web Portal 106
10.6ICP4Life Web Portal manual106